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Screen Casting and Whiteboard Videos

Today I finally figured out how to successfully screen cast on my Mac and also use an app to record a Khan Academy video on both my Mac and iPad.  Below are instructions on how you can do both for free.

Screen Casting:

This is a useful trick if you would like to show someone how to do something on a computer but don’t want to repeat the instructions.  If you’re a teacher you may want to use it to provide extra support to students.  Click here to see  how you can make your own screen cast on a Mac for free.  If you would like to create a Khan Academy style video on your Mac, download and install WhiteBoardMac  and then begin recording following the instructions given in the video above.

Note:  If you do want the audio to work correctly, it is best to transfer the video file to iMovie first and then upload it directly to YouTube.


If you would like to create a video in the style of Khan Academy on your iPad:

1.  First you will need to download either ScreenChomp or ShowMe. Both provide essentially the same service (with one key difference).

2. When you’ve recorded your video both apps will allow you to share by uploading it onto their web-site.  ShowMe will ask you to create an account where as ScreenChomp will simply provide you with a link.  Both apps give you the option of informing people via your various social networking accounts.  Neither app allows you to directly upload to YouTube.

ScreenChomp vs Showme

ScreenChomp comes out the winner overall for me.  The reason being is that when I go to the link provided I can download it onto my computer and either pop it into iMovie for editing or I can upload it directly onto YouTube.  Thus allowing me to not only create better looking video but also allows me to share in different ways.  Below is a video demonstrating how to get the download from the ScreenChomp site.


Note:  If you would like the audio to work correctly, it is best to put it in iMove first and then upload it to YouTube.



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Screen Capture Success Story

Pondering how to do a screen cast.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of using video screen capture to help reinforce ideas and concepts in class for close to a year.  My journey all started with the question “If I can take a picture of my screen and share it with others, then why can’t I take a video of what I’m doing on the screen with audio?”

My initial search led me to the program Jing.  At first I was in love with it.  It was incredibly easy to use and to set up my account.  However, once I finished recording the troubles began.  Jing records in SWF format (unless you pay a subscription fee), which is a file format that most movie editors do not seem to recognize.  I created a couple of videos but found the process of trying to convert, edit, and then share the videos to be so frustrating that I finally gave up.

When I got my iPad in August, I immediately went and downloaded a couple of free apps that do a Khan Academy style recording (ScreenChomp and ShowMe) which were suggested on Langwitches Blog post  Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps.  I had planned to use this in class but I hadn’t used it yet.  Then this week my students did two things:

  1. They forgot how to divide using decimals.
  2. When I took them into the computer lab and showed them how to upload documents and pictures into their blog, they looked a bit confused.

When I woke up on Friday, I was determined to find an answer to my screen-casting problem.  However, I did not want to fork out any money of my own to do so.  At first I went back to Jing but try as I might I could not find a converter that would allow me to change SWF to other file types successfully.

Finally, I asked my brother for his advice.  He suggested I check the App Store.  I did with no luck and e-mailed him again asking for help.  He responded with several YouTube video links that explained how I could do it for free in several different ways.  Finally, on the last one demonstrated how to do it using QuickTime X.  I was elated that the answer could be so simple.  I recorded it, swapped it into iMovie, and uploaded it onto my YouTube account.  After my success with that I tried recording a ScreenChomp recording.  Once that was done I put it onto YouTube.

I am so happy about this that I can barely contain my joy.  I can see the potential benefit to my students being able to access videos that help reinforce their learning.  All of my videos will be available under Creative Commons Licensing, so feel free to use the videos if you like them.  Hopefully, I’ll also be able to get my students into screen casting as well using the various tools.

I will be creating some Screen Casting Videos and will post them later.

Here are my first two videos:

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