Usage Agreements

Copyright is confusing but Creative Commons helps

When I first started thinking about what I wanted to do for my second COETAIL project, ideas were swarming in my head and I was having difficulty nailing down what I wanted to do.  Sean Thompson approached me one day and asked if I would like to work with him on creating an online usage policy.  I immediately agreed because the idea was one I was thinking about and Sean and I have had some great tech conversations.  We began exchanging our ideas back and forth via e-mail and had a wonderful meeting at my house to hammer out the project.

We decided we wanted to create a web site where schools could send their teachers and students to view resources, complete activities, and in the end feel comfortable enough to begin drafting their own policies.  Early in the creation process Sean and I determined that our main focus should be creating sample policies for students and teachers.  We discussed it and decided he would work on the student policy and I would focus on the policy for teachers.

Privacy is a concern for me

As I sat down to create the online usage policy for teachers, I kept thinking about the articles I have read, videos I’ve seen, and issues that have been brought up in class.  Creative Commons and Copyright popped to the forefront of my mind, as did cyberbullying, privacy students, and age of consent for web site memberships.  The issues chosen were ones that I felt were the most important and I doubt I’ve touched on them all.  I also did not want it to be too long or technically worded.  Finally I wanted my document to come across as supportive and understanding that teachers may make mistakes and may need help with certain things.

I had two different options when creating the actual form.  At first I created the form using Weebly’s own form generator.  However, during our COETAIL meeting misternorris showed me how Google Forms records their results. the easiest way to determine the differences is to compare them side by side.

Bullying is an issue that has gotten a lot of attention lately

Weebly Google Forms
Variety of response types Yes Yes
Specific name field Yes No (but you can create it)
Mandatory question option Yes Yes
Variety of themes No Yes
E-mail form results No Yes
Easily accessible spreadsheet of results No (only accessible when it editing mode of that cell) Yes

For my personal use I want to keep this agreement in mind when I’m using the Internet and Social Media within my class.  I would also love to conduct a session with teachers and students to talk about these issues and facilitate a conversation as they create their own usage agreement.

Please feel free to go to the Acceptable Usage Agreement Teacher Assistant and have a look.

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All Images created using Wordle and text from my past posts.



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9 responses to “Usage Agreements

  1. Hey Brendan,
    Really enjoyed reading your final project reflection post and looking at what you and Sean have created. One word: impressive! Love the website, very informative yet not bogged down with too much information. The embedding of the videos on the site is the way to go, short videos were a good choice as well. The Matrix-like visual for the online acceptable usage agreements for students and teachers is something that will keep visitors to the sites intrigued and engaged, as it certainly has a cool, high-tech look to it.

    I like that you have set this up to give educators a framework and a resource that provides support for those wanting to create their own acceptable usage agreement. Nice work, lofty goal that looks really good!

    Happy holidays and happy new year!

  2. Hi Brendan
    I really like what Sean and you have done here.
    We’re in the design phase of our one-to-one computer network at my school and I’m going to propose that we make use of your site when the time comes for us to write our own acceptable usage policy.
    Jamie P
    P.S. There’s one too many “please feel free to contact us” on the home page.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for your comment and your encouragement. It’s great to hear that you would like to use your site. Hopefully in January I’ll be able to add some more material to the site.

      Thanks for catching the grammatical error. It has now been corrected.

  3. Great final reflection Brendan. I particularly like the chart contrasting forms. I am also happy to hear that Jamie will use our site at his school! That was the whole idea (aside the course credit, naturally).

    It was a pleasure working with you as I knew it would be and I am very pleased with what we have accomplished here.

    Now… no more COETAIL until January!
    Enjoy your vacation buddy!

    • Hi Sean,

      I am very pleased as well. It was great to work with you. So far the break has been very busy with my brother visiting and trying to see as much as I can.


  4. Hi,
    this is a really impressive, informative and useful job you have done there! I will use it as a mom and at work ( I shared it with our IT department. This must have been a great among of work and you can be proud of the outcome. What I like the most is that it is fun AND serious for the kids and written in a very appropriate language.
    Thank you to both of you!

  5. I love that your vision for this project was to make something to help others! What you have created is useful on many levels – it’s wonderful that the teacher and student side are both within the same site, that you actually have something created by teachers and in use by students and teachers right now, and that you are willing to be contacted for further help. Well done team!

    • Well Brendan,
      Never shying away from praise and giving it, again, I am loving the response to our project. BTW, nailed a great ICT job in Kyoto!

      See you soon,

      • Hi Sean,

        It was great to work with you. I really enjoyed creating the site and it seemed like we both knew what we wanted and were able to mesh our visions together. Perhaps over March break (if you have one) we could chat about what else we want to do with it.

        Congrats on the new posting. I’ll ask you all about it at our meeting. That makes 2 new postings with the help of COETAIL so far. Who will be next?

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