The Joy of Hyperlinking

I always enjoyed using the hunt for more resources and losing myself in the quiet solitude of a library.

I remember being young and being asked to research a topic.  Usually this involved going to the library and getting a few books.  However, I was always encouraged to go further to find other resources.  I quickly learned that a bibliography not only helps provide authority for the author but also gave me new resources that I might not have known about otherwise.  From these resources I usually gained some new insight and was again provided with a list of new materials that I should check out.

The Internet has made it easier to share information through the use of hyperlinks.  For one, I never get frustrated that the library doesn’t have the book I want because all of the information is only a click away. When I first started using hyperlinks, it was only for information.  The person wrote about a topic and provided a link that might contain new nuggets of knowledge.  This was very basic and only allowed for a one-way process of sharing knowledge. I was nothing more than a taker.

Remembering the old adage that one should be able to give as well as take, I have decided that I want to contribute.  To that end I finally started this blog and usually always try to include a few interesting links to materials and information that I found.  The linked sites may be simple explanations, or ones that provide additional information to support to my point, or ones that I just find funny.  Social media has also evolved how people share information.  People have found me on Twitter and I have found them.  We share thoughts and resources.  Most times the posts are about work but other times they are not.  I can take this further and visit his or her profile to see if there is anyone I want to follow.

The power of linking information together is helping me to expand my own knowledge and expand my PLN.

The power of linking and finding out about people has helped me grow both personally and professionally.  These are things that I am truly thankful for and will continue to use long after the course is over.

Image Credits:

Library Bird by C.O.D. Library, found on Flickr, Creative Commons Licensed

Chain by pratanti, found on Flick, Creative Commons Licensed


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One response to “The Joy of Hyperlinking

  1. Agree. The power of the link is amazing. I really like this point:

    a bibliography not only helps provide authority for the author but also gave me new resources that I might not have known about otherwise.

    This is what I’m always trying to help students understand – a quote, a link, a reference always makes your point stronger, not weaker!

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