Privacy does it even exist anymore?

Privacy is an issue that has become a major concern for people.  For me there are three main issues when talking about privacy, each of which will be discuss further in later paragraphs:  1.  The information that I put online 2. The information that others choose to put online about me 3. What happens to my information when either policy changes happen or someone circumvents them.  In the following paragraphs I will briefly talk about each of these areas.

 The information that I put online

I admit I like having an online presence.  I am continually learning how to cultivate this presence and brand myself as a professional as well as the opportunity to make social connections.   That being said, there are aspects of my life I don’t wish to share in the online realm.  For me I feel it is important to have some aspects of life offline.  As an example, I enjoy my friends and my time with them.  However, I see no need to take the pictures that I take of them and upload them all in an open realm. For me there is a line, I will put pictures up of interesting events or places I go with people but I will not put pictures up of absolutely everything or everywhere I go.  There must be a line between sharing pictures of events that people will genuinely find interesting and uploading pictures of the mundane.

The information others put up about me

At my grade 9 graduation.

I have some fantastic friends who treat each other with respect.  They understand my position that I don’t want every single photo taken of me up online.  I return the favor by not uploading pictures of them that would cause them difficulty or embarrassment.   However, not all of my friends abide by this rule. I will sometimes scroll through the photos that I’m tagged in on Facebook and will remove the tags.  If the pictures make me uncomfortable then I will ask them to take it down.  I will also occasionally Google myself to see what comes up.  So far nothing of interest does.

What happens to my information when either policy changes happens or someone circumvents them

The Internet is not secure, I know this; the rules are always changing and people have to stay on top of the game.  It seems that every time Facebook changes its privacy policy, many people become upset..  What people seem to forget is that one of the reasons Facebook changes its policy is to make it easier for them to sell your information to companies who can then use it for marketing.  Remember that Facebook makes it’s money by serving companies and not the individual and thus it wants to do everything in its power to make information easier to get.  Thus defaults are usually set up so that people will automatically share their information whether they want to or not.

 People also use the Internet to do other things and the issues of hacks are of concern.  Recently there have been hacks involving popular game sites like Valve, and the Playstation Network.  As people move more towards putting more and more information like credit cards and passwords people need to ensure that they take the some steps to reduce the risk of their information being misused.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Rant

Privacy is a major concern.  However, each person must take the time to ensure that their digital footprint is one that they one are proud of.  I remember a few months ago several people started e-mailing me asking me to hover over their name, click on it and do some other things.  I received this message so many times that I finally snapped and responded (see image above.  Most people seemed to agree.  Remember, if you’re not controlling what is out there then who is?


Photography and the Law by Byflickr found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons License

Grade 9 Graduation uploaded by Amber Krauskopf, used with permission

Facebook Rant screen capture from Brendan Lea’s Facebook profile (personal image)


Why is the PSN down? Hacked? – Playstation Networked Maintenance Error 80710a06 (Sony) uploaded to Youtube by Al-Ai





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4 responses to “Privacy

  1. I can connect with your “rant” about Facebook posts. I remember a friend who sent out the request to hover over her name. Someone wrote back and asked why. Her response was that somethings she posts on Facebook she knows might offend some of her friends and so she doesn’t want it open to everyone. That just raised so many questions for me about why would you post something if you know it might offend and do you really need so many “friends” who don’t know you well enough to understand what you are trying to say. Maybe I need to forward on some of the reading about privacy and a digital footprint to her to help her understand that what she writes is leaving a trail.

    • Fortunately I have never seen this “hover over a name” request before. I guess it is because I have so few “friends” on Facebook. I am very discriminating on who I want to be “friends” with and hearing about this makes me glad that I have been. The idea that it is not only what you make public, but what others make public about you make me even more paranoid about limiting my friends. It also makes me realize how important it is for us as teacher to talk with our students BEFORE they are old enough to make an account on a social network site. I know many students who just try to get as many contacts as they can on their FB account, without thinking about what the ramifications of this will be years later when they might wish they had been more selective at the beginning.

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  3. Love the three facets of privacy you describe. The one that worries me the most is always the second one, because people who don’t understand the implications of the lack of privacy online can end up making bad choices for me. I also go through and un-tag myself from Facebook photos (not that there are tons I need to do that for), just to keep my profile looking the way I want. I worry about my friends and family that don’t…

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